Quantity take-off is the term you might have heard many times, especially if you work in the construction industry. But not everyone knows what it means.  It is an important aspect of the construction cost estimation, and it can prove to be very beneficial for you.

If you are not sure what the term quantity take-off actually means and how it can help you, the read on. You might not think you need it right now, but after reading this article you would definitely change your mind. We have created a detailed guide so you can understand what “quantity take-off” means and its importance in the construction industry.

What is Quantity Take-off?

Quantity take-off is a set of detailed measurements for construction industry. These measurements include the quantity of materials required, their cost, the cost of labor, and other resources needed to complete a construction project. These costs can vary from project to project and are also determined by the location. So it is necessary to calculate quantity take-offs for every project.

Who Does Quantity Take-offs?

The quantity take-offs are developed by estimators. They should be skilled and knowledgeable enough to understand project drawings, specifications and know the latest costs and the materials that would be needed to complete a certain project. An experienced estimator can create detailed and thorough quantity take-offs for you. You can also reach to any of the best construction cost estimation company in USA to get the measurements for your project.

How are Quantity Take-offs calculated?

It is not easy calculating quantity take-offs. It is a time-consuming process that involves breaking the project into smaller units. The estimators study project drawings and client specifications in detail. Then they check material costs from database. They break down project costs and also measure other factors such as labor costs, transport costs, and fluctuation in prices.

Who can benefit from Quantity Take-offs?

Quantity take-offs are used by the builders, contractors, subcontractors, architects, and designers all over the world It is the essential phase of construction project and can definitely help in project execution.

What is the best time to get Quantity Take-offs?

Quantity take-offs are always calculated before the construction starts. If you are a contractor, you can also use it to bid on a project or calculate your profit margin. These measurements are then used throughout the construction to make important design decisions.

Why are quantity take-offs important?

Projects that are not started with proper planning can run overtime and over budget. This can causes a loss to the client and also for contractors. It is best to start the project with the quantity take-offs and construction cost estimation done so the project can be executed within the project limits.

Where can I get quantity take-offs from?

If you are looking for quantity take-offs you can always contact JU Estimating and schedule a consultation call. We are one of the leading construction estimation companies in USA and we can help you prepare for your construction project by providing you carefully calculated quantity take-offs.

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